Treatments and Consultations

David’s Treatment Names and Descriptions

Acupuncture Session: 

Including full tongue and pulse diagnosis and follow up email with explanation of patterns of disharmony and resources for further understanding and implementation.

May include cupping, massage, dietary and herbal medicine advice, auricular treatment, gua sha, moxibustion, and teaching of self healing techniques depending on time and appropriateness. For a more inclusive session, please book a 2 hour session.

Acupuncture is an excellent treatment for any kind of pain, and is especially effective to rejuvenate and restore oneself by boosting the immunity and energy levels. It works exceptionally well with a “detoxification” protocol as it stimulates the function of the internal organs and greatly aids the detox process.  It has a very deeply relaxing and calming effect, eliminating stress and tension from the body.   It can treat all sorts of symptoms ranging from digestive, sleep disorders, emotional and mental imbalances to serious internal conditions like cancer and auto-immune diseases. By addressing early patterns of disharmony NOW, you can prevent many diseases from manifesting later. 

Acupuncture can also be used together with western medicine to treat all stages of diseases like asthma, arthritis, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol.  It can be used to strengthen the body before or after surgery, drug therapy, traveling, or stressful life events by minimizing and detoxifying the harmful effects.  Acupuncture is a powerful base therapy, providing a remarkable starting point for any kind of bodywork, massage, meditation, cleansing, yoga and other holistic therapies.

Emotional Detox Acupuncture:

This session of acupuncture is focused on releasing negative emotions and behaviors and replacing those with balance and positivity. By using the Five Element System, Auricular Acupuncture, and Neurolinguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom techniques, one can learn ways to continually apply self therapy and continue the benefits of this amazing combination of Classical Chinese Medicine with modern self help tools.

 Acupuncture for Weight Loss:

Acupuncture is an excellent therapy for managing your weight by treating the underlying causes of weight imbalances, allowing you to achieve and maintain a healthy optimal weight.  Acupuncture reduces weight and cholesterol levels by mobilizing energy stores, thus increasing your energy and making you want to exercise.  It can treat the pain associated with exercise, improve circulation, reduce cravings and mood swings, and increase your ability to deal with stress. 

By correcting hormonal and other biochemical imbalances in the body, improving organ function, detoxifying and strengthening the body, acupuncture can correct slow metabolism, thyroid problems, menopausal and other complex issues associated with weight gain. Together with herbal medicine, dietary and exercise plans, this is an extremely effective treatment for reducing weight and keeping it off without doing harm to the body.

Cosmetic and Facial Acupuncture:

Acupuncture’s ability to treat skin conditions is centuries old, and its validity is supported by a growing number of clinical studies. By increasing collagen production, improving lymph and blood circulation, and balancing the internal organs, acupuncture can stimulate the body’s ability to regenerate itself.  It can remove toxins, relax and tone the muscles, and re-hydrate the skin, thus aiding in the treatment of wrinkles, forehead furrows, frown lines, sagging skin, circles under the eyes, oily, dry or dull skin, acne, eczema, rosacia, and scars from surgery or trauma.  

Combining herbal, dietary and exercise advice, this is a comprehensive treatment strategy resulting in restoring one’s overall health and reducing the effects of aging.  People often experience increased energy and a deep underlying feeling of well being, often revealed by the return of a sparkle in their eyes. The effects are often dramatic and long lasting as Chinese medicine treats the root cause and not merely the superficial symptoms.

Chinese Medical Massage or Tui Na:

Chinese Medical Massage is different from other types of massage.  When performed by a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, it is a very specific and therapeutic process which involves moving the blood and energy along the specific meridians, or channels of energy flow in the body.  This massage incorporates various hand techniques which are specifically designed for each individual, depending on their pattern of disharmony. 

This therapy can address not only superficial symptoms like pain, insomnia, immobility, etc. but can also correct the underlying root causes (imbalances of the internal organs) so the symptoms do not come back.  The technique can be done on the back, neck, limbs, abdomen, and head for very specific diseases like menstrual disorders or internal diseases, or for general relaxation and de-stressing.  It is suitable for everyone from infants to elderly, and can be used for cosmetic and beautification purposes as well.

Cupping Therapy:

Cupping is a traditional treatment in many cultures. It involves applying suction cups to the skin to promote the movement of blood, detoxify, and stimulate the immune system.  It is used to treat conditions including pain, menstrual problems, headaches, common cold, digestive disorders, and many others. Modern plastic cups can be used without the use of fire, merely relying on a valve at the top of the cup and a small hand pump to draw out the air.  Magnetic cups have a small magnet affixed to the top inside of the cup which touches the skin when air is drawn up in the cup by suction. When done gently with oil, this is an amazingly relaxing sensation often referred to as negative pressure massage.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation:

Chinese Herbal Medicine can stand alone as a treatment therapy for all forms of illness and imbalance.  It can treat anything from insomnia and indigestion to the most advanced chronic conditions like cancer and heart disease.  In its modern form in China, it is combined with the knowledge of western medicine and often used together in serious conditions, thus enabling a reduction or elimination of pharmaceuticals which harm the body if used long term. 

By administering a custom formula which treats the unique individual and not the “disease”, you can correct the underlying imbalances which lead to disease if not addressed.  Instead of masking symptoms, you actually strengthen and balance the body, giving it the ability to restore proper hormone levels, organ function, and other bio-regulatory mechanisms.  Specific conditions like fertility, menopause, skin diseases and beautification, weight issues, cancer, immune diseases and many others are successfully treated with Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Dietary Consultation:

Chinese Medicine has a long history and deep understanding of nutrition and how it affects overall health.  Following an individual assessment of your unique constitutional imbalances, you learn to choose foods which restore proper metabolism, strengthen the organ functions, especially digestive and hormonal factors, and nourish deep underlying deficiencies often created by modern diets.  Food intolerance or “allergies” are often eliminated completely, allowing you to occasionally eat foods which you weren’t able to digest before. 

Specific discussion of preparation methods, eating habits, specific recipes and access to resources lays the foundation for a custom approach to tailoring your own specific food regimen while still allowing room for personal preferences.  Dietary therapy can be used alone or as part of a comprehensive system of Chinese Medicine to correct the root of imbalances which cause all illness.  Specific conditions like pregnancy, menopause, cancer, and other conditions can benefit tremendously from proper dietary therapy.

Tai Qi Chuan and Qi Gong Traditional Martial Arts Exercise:

Tai Qi Chuan is the external moving exercise stemming from martial arts applications of self-defense.  The modern goal of Tai Qi is to build and circulate the internal and external energy in the body, and thus promote peace of mind, strength, and flexibility in the body.  It is the ultimate self-healing tool.  By learning to accumulate and move your energy in the body you can heal yourself and others as well. 

Qi Gong can be an internal or external exercise, depending on which style you choose to learn.  The internal exercise can be practiced anywhere, in any body position:  lying in bed, seated at a desk, or on an airplane, for example. You learn to become aware of and circulate your own internal energy, called Qi in Chinese traditions or Prana in Indian culture. 

These exercises are a complete and powerful healing system that can be used by anybody for any type of illness or problem, physical or mental.  You will also learn to use it to help others.  One session is enough to learn basic techniques you will use and benefit from for the rest of your life!